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 21BOOK1Y   Book Club 1    Nova Village    Maureen Ebbs   02/02/2021  Tue   2:00   Mthly  
 21BOOK2Y   Book Club 2    1 Anna Capel View    Karen Gregory   02/02/2021  Tue   2:00   Mthly  
 21BRAIY   Brain Games    The People Place    Joan Parke   09/03/2021  Tue   1:00   Mthly  
 21BTNYS1   A Zoologist in a Wildflower Wonderland    The People Place    Patrick Prevett   17/03/2021  Wed   2:30   Wkly  
 21COVIS1   Australian Wildlife During Lockdown    The People Place    Patrick Prevett   10/02/2021  Wed   2:30   Wkly  
 21CWRIY   Creative Writing    12 Silver Gull Court    Moira Dahlberg   15/02/2021  Mon   1:00   Fort  
 21DRAMS1   Into Drama    Weld Theatre    Gwyn Cracknell   09/02/2021  Tue   9:30   Wkly  
 21ECOPS1   Eco-Printing on Paper    42 Country Road    Lorelie Smit   05/03/2021  Fri   9:30   1/2Day  
 21EMBFS1   Embroidered Felt    65 Clydebank Avenue    Helen Wheeler   23/03/2021  Tue   2:00   Wkly  
 21FILMSY   Film Club    Orana Cinema    Joan Parke   03/02/2021  Wed   10:30   Mthly  
 21FRCONY   French Conversation    Stilts    Elizabeth Horne   03/02/2021  Wed   10:30   Wkly  
 21GARDY   Garden Discussion Group    1/264 Bussell Highwa    Elaine Hogan   15/02/2021  Mon   1:30   Mthly  
 21IKE1S1   Ikebana Session 1    10 Toolburra Pass    Patricia Holyoake   05/03/2021  Fri   10:00   Wkly  
 21IKE2S1   Ikebana Session 2    10 Toolburra Pass    Patricia Holyoake   09/04/2021  Fri   10:00   Wkly  
 21MANDS1  Making Mandalas    The People Place    Joan Parke   19/05/2021  Wed   1:30   2 Wks  
 21MJOGGY   Mah Jongg    The Salvation Army H    Richard Liston   07/01/2021  Thu   1:45   Wkly  
 21MUSS1   Music Appreciation - Semester 1    6 Lagoona Place    John Watt   04/03/2021  Thu   10:00   Mthly  
 21MWRIS1   Memoir Writing: Getting Started!    The People Place    Joan Parke   08/03/2021  Mon   10:00   Wkly  
 21PACEY   Pacers Walking Group    Busselton Jetty    Elaine Hogan   05/02/2021  Fri   8:00   Wkly  
 21POTSS1   Tizzy Up Your Garden Pots!    The People Place    Brenda Pirrit   22/04/2021  Thu   1:30   Wkly  
 21RDMUS1   Learning to Read Music and Music Theory    Nova Village    Shane Venema   11/02/2021  Thu   1:00   Wkly  
 21SBAGS1   Upcycled Shopping Bags    William Carey Court    Clare Parry   08/02/2021  Mon   9:00   Fort  
 21SCRAY   Scrabble    7 Nougat Crescent    Diana Hannemann   06/01/2021  Wed   1:30   Wkly  
 21SOCS1   Reflections and Reminiscing    Old Courthouse    Elaine Hogan   22/02/2021  Mon   10:30   Mthly  
 21TACHS1   Tai Chi    Busselton Jetty    Veronica Bre   12/02/2021  Fri   9:00   Wkly  
 21TAPAY   Tap Dancing Advanced for Seniors    Jazz Attack Studio    Penny Swingler   03/02/2021  Wed   9:30   Wkly  
 21TAPBY   Tap Dancing for Beginners/Seniors - EOI    Jazz Attack Studio    Penny Swingler   03/02/2021  Wed   2:00   Wkly  
 21TAPIY   Tap Dancing Intermediate for Seniors    Jazz Attack Studio    Penny Swingler   03/02/2021  Wed   1:00   Wkly  
 21WALKTY   Let's Walk and Talk    Busselton Jetty    Gwen Braden   04/02/2021  Thu   8:00   Wkly  
 21YOGAMY   Dru Yoga (Monday Class)    The People Place    Valerie Frearson-Lane   25/01/2021  Mon   4:00   Wkly  
 21YOGATY   Dru Yoga (Tuesday Class)    The People Place    Valerie Frearson-Lane   26/01/2021  Tue   4:00   Wkly